Friday, July 8, 2011

7 Quick Takes Volume One


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 Isn't this dress just darling? I'm still upset its not available in my size! Find it here.

Did I mention that Shabby Apple is having a 20% off of everything sale?


Summer sun sweet romantic sexy skirt  FREE SHIPPING
How lovely is this skirt? Find it here!


Time for me to do some shameless bragging ;). I had a job interview this morning at the agency I've been slaving volunteering at since January. I GOT IT :)! So now I'll actually get payed to do what I've been doing for free! Happy day!

Coconut Syrup Recipe
I'm thinking these Key Lime Pancakes would be a fun recipe to try this weekend!

Spring Garden Plates, Set of 4
And how awesome would it be to eat said pancakes off of these plates.

I feel like yesterday was my entry into adulthood. I got my first credit card and started my retirement fund all on the same day!

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  1. Congrats on the retirement fund, job, and credit card! Hope you pay off your balance every month. ;)

    Those plates are darling.

  2. Thank you for the congratulations Linda and Spence Ohana :)
    @Linda: I know! I just love Wiliams and Sonoma!